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July 2, 2013
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This is the 6th and final part of the Right in Front of You series.  You can find the series here.…


Huntress Wizard opens her eyes.  She sits up and looks around.

It’s another day in paradise.  Yeah, paradise.  She has to keep telling herself that.  She lives exactly where she wants and does exactly what she wants to do.  She has it all!

But she keeps on locking into the memory, the memory of her time with Finn, and yes, Marceline.  They had a lot of fun together!  Marceline and she were in a not-so-friendly competition to win the heart of the last human on earth.  But when Finn showed the foolhardy heart of a hero to her, risking his life in a near suicidal attempt to save Marceline from being cooked in lava, she got out of the competition.  She couldn’t give her heart to someone who took so many risks that could leave her alone and broken.  Again.  So she went back to her life in the forest.

All of the denizens there loved her.  She is so powerful and has such an affinity with the land.  She takes care of them all and drives off anyone that wants to damage the forest she has sworn to protect.  Well, of course she is not friendly with manticores.  A group of manticores destroyed her village when she was a 13 year old human and killed everyone there except her.  They did not think her worthy of their attention.  They ransacked the village and left her there crying over her dead parents.  She went into the woods and met an old man, who turned out to be Hunter Wizard.  He taught her forest magic, and helped her master her skills as an archer.  When he was about to die, he showed her how to become a wizard.  After his death, she did the ritual that changed her forever, and became Huntress Wizard!  Now all manticores in the land of Ooo fear her name…

She sees that some of her magic supplies are running low and she needs to go to Wizard City to do some shopping.  She thinks, ‘Maybe I should stop by the tree house and see how Finn is doing these days.’  She gathers what she needs and casts some wards of protection on her camp, and heads out to the tree house.  She thinks, ‘Maybe I can deal with him being a hero.  I do miss him a lot…’

When she gets close, she uses a spell to magnify her vision, and sees Finn and Jake chasing each other around.  ‘Good’, she thinks.  ‘Maybe he has gotten tired of all that hero junk and is just having fun with his brother’.  Then a motion catches her eye, and she sees the door to the tree house open.  It’s Marceline the Vampire Queen!  She stays in the doorway out of the sun, just like a good little vampire should.  Finn sees her and gives Jake a noogy on the head, and then walks to the tree house.  There he gives Marceline a passionate kiss!  A really passionate kiss…

Huntress Wizard turns off the enhanced vision and is stunned.  It looks like Finn and Marceline are a couple, and she is too late to try and win him over.  Dejectedly, she forms her spirit bow and grabs one of her arrows, a special one that she hand crafted out of one of the tree limbs from her forest.  She forms a mystical energy field around it and fires it out of frustration towards the pond near the tree house.  Then she starts walking towards the forest.  She doesn’t much feel like going to Wizard City right now…

The arrow, encased in magic, felt her frustration.  It moves the aim slightly towards an old post, and ricochets towards the tree house.  Then it slightly adjusts to hit a metal pole hanging below the observation deck.  And then it sees its true target and homes in…

As Finn and Marcy are kissing, he feels a jab of pain in his chest.  He backs up and sees a slight bleeding wound, and thinks, ‘no big deal.  This should heal pretty fast with the demon blood that was mixed into his human blood helping’.  Then he looks up at Marceline and his eyes get big!  She starts shaking uncontrollably; there is an arrow sticking out of her chest!  Finn grabs her and holds her up.  Then he reaches for the arrow.  “D-don’t touch it, F-Finn.  It’s in m-my h-h-heart.  I sh-should be a flash of s-smoke right now…”  She gasps for breath and says, “If it m-moves even a little b-bit, I may v-vaporize.”  Finn, who is distressed beyond anything he has ever known, yells, “JAKE!  I need you here buddy!”  Jake bounds over and cannot believe what he sees!  “Hold her, I need to do something!”  He grabs his Vibranium Sword that he left in the entry, and brings it to Marceline.  Marceline gets a look of terror in her eyes.  “Finn!  Wh-what are you d-doing?”  He replies, “The sword is a pretty amazing weapon.  I can sheer off the end of the arrow so you can lie down without it moving a bit.”  She still has great fear in her eyes.  Finn strokes her cheek and says, “Trust me Marceline.  I love you more than the air I breathe.  There is no way I would try this if I thought it would hurt you.”  Every fiber of her being is resistant to what he is going to do, but she trusts the man she loves, and nods.  He swings with power and finesse; by timing the swing, he is able to slice off the tail of the arrow so when she breathes out it won’t go beyond the surface of her skin.

Jake gently uses his stretch powers to move Marceline into the tree house.  Finn leaps up and grabs a bunch of pillows to use to cushion her.  Jake gently sets her down on the pillows.  Marceline is lying there quietly, but suddenly they see a puff of vapor come out of her chest!  Finn sees what is happening – her body is trying to reject the arrow, but as it is slowly moved, it is getting closer to killing her!  Lady Rainicorn comes up to see what is happening and is stunned!  She says something in Korean, and Jake nods.  “Finn, I really don’t know what to do.  Even though Princess Bubblegum is angry at us, she may be the only one with an answer.”  Finn thinks about it.  He can only think of one other way to save her, her father Hunson Abadeer the Lord of Evil.  But Finn knows the cost for his help will be high.  That needs to be a last resort.

Finn nods, and leaps out of the tree house.  Even though he falls over 20 feet, he is not even slowed down.  When he was close to bleeding to death, Huntress Wizard took the demon blood sword that had been in his & Jake’s family for generations, and used it to replenish his blood supply.  Ever since then, his aging has slowed dramatically and he has gained tremendous strength and toughness, allowing him to run and bound at beyond 60 kph!  He takes off as fast as he can towards the candy kingdom.

When he gets there, he is stopped by the Banana guards.  “Halt!  The Princess has forbidden you from entering the kingdom.”  Finn is frustrated, and puts his hand on his Vibranium Sword.  The banana guards get a lot of fear in their eyes!  Most of the denizens of Ooo can be dealt with easily.  But Finn the Human is an amazing fighter, and that sword of his makes him nearly unstoppable, even by giants!  Finn lets go and pounds his fist into his palm and droops his head…

“Guards, allow the Human to enter.  His reasons are just, and the Princess needs to let go of her anger.”  Finn and the guards look up; it’s a Gumball Guardian!  The guards defer to the mighty defenders of the kingdom and allow Finn to enter.

He walks in, and all of the citizens are stunned to see him!  They were told not to expect to see Finn the Human for a long while, if ever.  He walks past them with some pointing fingers at him.  Many are very glad to see him.  He has, after all, saved many of their lives!  He gets to the castle at the center of the kingdom and walks in.  Manfried the talking Piñata sees him and squeals.  He starts to announce his entrance, but thinks the Princess may be mad!  “A-announcing the arrival of F-Finn the Human, please d-don’t kill the messenger!”

Immediately Princess Bubblegum walks out of one of her labs fuming!  “What are you doing here?  I thought I told you and your band of rats…”  She looks at the ground and says, “No offence, Science.”  Science the rat gets a stern look on its face and crosses its arms… “…to stay out of the kingdom until I said you could come back!”

Finn looks at her and says, “Marcy was hurt really bad, and I don’t know what to do.  She won’t make it much longer; I’ll do anything to save her, ANYTHING!”  With that he grabs her in a tight hug and says, “Please forgive me for the cloning incident…”  She loses the harsh look on her face and says, “No Finn, I’m the one that should apologize.  I set a ridiculous price for a silly kiss, and now I see that the result was worth it.  Ice King is now a model citizen of the land of Ooo, helping anyone and everyone that needs it.  His ability to control storms has brought record crops in this year.  And…” Princess Bubblegum holds him tight, “…my little grandstanding cost me four of my closest friends.”  She steps away from Finn, and says, “What do you need me to do?”  Finn looks at her with a plaintive look of desperation.  “She has a wooden arrow in her heart, and we have to figure out how to get it out without killing her.  But if we do nothing, she is as good as dead.”  PB gasps!  She turns into her lab and says, “I need a few things.  I’ll be right back.”  Within a minute she comes out with a backpack and Peppermint Butler.  “Let’s go.  I’ll get Morrow to take us all there.”

They go outside and she screeches like an eagle, and Morrow grabs the three of them and flies off.  PB whispers something in Morrow’s ear, and he flies to the tree house.  The three of them jump off and head into the tree house.

Finn leaps ahead and goes to his beloved, only to find that the situation is desperate.  The hole in her chest is getting bigger, and vapor is coming out every few seconds.  When PB and PB see this they are shocked!  Marceline is shaking every time a little vapor escapes, and she is obviously in a lot of pain!  “H-hey Princess, I-I wish we w-were s-s-seeing you t-to play a g-g-game of cards…”  Then her face draws in from pain.

Princess Bubblegum says, “You are a demon and a vampire.  Either of those should mean an arrow in the heart is vaporization.  Hmm.  The combination must make her heart stronger than either alone…”  She reaches into her bag and says, “Jake, you have to do this.  Shrink into this diving suit and take this camera into her chest.”  Jake is shocked!  “Oh man, that’s gross!  But I’ll do it for Marcy.”  He shrinks down and manages to get into a mouse sized diving suit.  Then he climbs onto Marceline’s chest and heads towards the hole.  Marceline’s eyes are really big!  This is the guy who can be distracted by a butterfly in a life or death battle!  “B-b-be careful Jake…”  Then she feels another wave of pain and they all see another puff of vapor.

Jake goes inside of Marceline’s body.  He sees that the organs aren’t dead, but they look… funny… He moves next to the heart, and can see the arrow!  Every heartbeat the arrow causes part of her heart to vaporize, and then it regenerates.  But Marceline’s body is losing the battle, and the hole in her heart is getting slightly bigger with each beat.  He holds up the camera and hits the button.  After a few seconds, he hears PB’s voice.  “That’s enough Jake, come on out.”

He climbs out of her body and then out of the suit, growing as soon as he can.  Then he goes to the sink and throws up!  “That was tough.  If it was anyone but you Marcy…”  She makes a weak smile, and then feels more pain.  PB beckons for Finn to come over to her.  “Finn, I really don’t know what to do.  If we take it out, too much damage will happen and she will vanish.  If we leave it in, she will live about another hour.  Her vampyrized demon heart is barely hanging in there.”

Then Peppermint Butler joins them.  “I have an answer to your problem, but Queen Marceline may not like it.”  Finn picks him up and says, “WHAT!  What is the answer?  Peppermint Butler says, “Finn, you know I am friends with Death.  He has told me a lot about the afterlife.  It turns out that when a creature becomes a vampire, part of them dies.  The part of Marceline that died that day is in the 50th dead world, waiting for the rest of her to pass to the great beyond.  If Marceline and her mirror image from the world of death touch, there is a 50/50 chance that she will live or die.” 

Finn looks up in the air, then down at his feet.  “Fifty fifty?  That’s the best chance we have?”  Peppermint Butler nods.  Marceline says, weakly, “I-I’ve heard of that.  S-Sometimes a v-v-vampire is haunted b-by their mirror image, but m-mine n-n-never bothered me.”  Finn goes to her and grabs her hand.  With tears in his eyes, he says, “Marcy, this looks like your only chance.  Do you want to try it?”  She nods weakly.  Finn carefully picks her up. 

“OK Pepbut, open the portal please.”  He shakes his head.  “Only under one condition.”  Everyone looks at him.  He looks at the Princess and says, “If you free me from my oath of service to you, I’ll do it.”  PB gasps!  Peppermint Butler has been an exemplary servant, never complaining and doing everything she says.  She had no idea he was unhappy!  She looks at Finn and Marceline, And Jake and Lady Rainicorn, and knows she wants their friendship back.  She thinks for a second and says, “OK Pep, once we are done with this mission you are free from your oath.”  He smiles a wicked smile, and then goes to a corner of the room.  He stares at the corner, and a portal opens to an eerie land.

Peppermint Butler, Finn and Marceline go through the portal.  This land is dark and dismal.  Fire is everywhere, and there are no living plants.  Pepbut says an incantation, and the visage of death himself appears in front of them.  Death smiles and walks up to Pepbut.  “Hello my old friend.  It’s been a slow day in the land of death, but I would wager that is about to change.”  Pepbut pulls Death’s ear down to his mouth and says something to him that no one can hear.  He stands up, and looks around.  Then death says, “Very well.  An unusual request, but I will do it for my old friend.”  An accordion appears in his hands, and he starts playing it.  An unresolved blob appears in front of them and forms, into Marceline!  But this is not the Marceline they know.  She is mostly human looking, and her hair is a different texture and shine from Marceline’s.  She looks at Death and says, “Why did you bring me here?”  She looks at all of the living souls, and says, “That-that’s me!  Is that the part of me that was left on Ooo?”  Finn looks at her and says, “Yes.  She is the love of my life, and I cannot- CANNOT let her existence end.”  Mirror Marceline says, “I’ve been with my beloved mother for 800 years in the land of death.  You will be taking me away from her.”  She is unsure what to do!

Then a voice rises from behind them.  "Go Marceline.  Do what you need to do.  I can wait patiently for you to return.”  Everyone turns to see that Death has summoned Marceline’s mom!  Even though vampire Marceline is in agony, it is obvious the love she has for her!  “M-mom?  I w-would have p-p-put on some makeup if-f I knew I was g-going to see y-you!”  Marceline’s mom nearly has tears in her eyes when she sees the condition of her daughter!  “Honey, you look wonderful.  And it seems you have found a wonderful handsome man to take care of you!”  Marceline smiles and says, "Y-yep, he's a k-k-keeper!"  Then the smile disappears from her face, and she says, “I hate t-t-to rush th-things, but I d-don’t think I w-w-will last m-much longer…”  Death says, “You know that when the dice are rolled, it is 50/50 which world you stay in, here or the land of Ooo."  Marceline nods, and then Finn, Mirror Marceline, Marceline's mom and Peppermint Butler nod as well...

Finn carefully lays Marceline on the ground and says, “I love you Marcy, you are the one for me.  No matter what, know that you are the one for me.”  She smiles weakly with love in her eyes, and says, “You were th-the one I w-w-waited a th-thousand years to m-meet.  You aren’t g-g-getting rid of m-me this easily.”  They kiss and Finn steps away.  Mirror Marceline walks up to Vampire Marceline and says, “Are you ready?”  Marceline nods.  With that, the two Marceline’s touch their palms. 

The arrow flies out of Marceline’s chest.  There is an orb of energy that surrounds them both.  It swirls around them, and glows brighter, and brighter, and brighter!  Then there is a flash of light, and everyone is blinded.

When the light fades, everyone sees that both Marceline’s are gone!  Finn is in shock!  He looks down and tears flow freely from his eyes.  Pepbut says, “Why are you crying, master Finn?”  He says, “Because she is gone…”  Pepbut smiles and says, “Finn, this IS the land of death.  If she isn’t here, she is in the last place that she existed in the land of Ooo.”  Finn’s tears dry up, and he looks up!  “Let’s go PB!  I can’t wait to see her!”  Pepbut leads Finn to the portal.  He turns and says, “Thank you death.  I know you are just doing your job, but thank you for giving us this chance.”  He looks at Marceline’s mom, who has a few tears in her eyes, and says, “Know you have a wonderful daughter.  A bit of a prankster…”  Marceline’s mom smiles knowingly!  “… But still wonderful!”  She says, “I know I will see her again.  Take care of her until then!”  With that Finn and Peppermint Butler walk through the portal.

On the other side, they see Marceline!  But something has changed.  Her skin is smoother, and her eyes look different.  Then it hits him!  She isn’t a vampire anymore!  He knows this girl is not the same one that he brought into the land of death.  She has the combined memories and experiences of both sides of the mirror at the edge of life.  Will she still want him in her life?

He takes a step towards her, and she looks at him.  Princess Bubblegum, Jake and Lady Rainicorn all move away from her.  They stare at each other for a moment, and Finn is unsure what to do!

Then he sees that look.  The one she has when he knows without a shadow of a doubt that she loves him completely.  She leaps into his arms and says, “Had you going for a second, didn’t I?”  They hold each other close and don’t say a word for a minute.  “What’s it like having two people’s memories?”  She replies, “A little strange, you know, I have to sort out every feeling and emotion through two brains.  That should go away pretty soon, but it’s a little weird right now.”  She looks at him in the eyes, and says, “But don’t ever doubt that you are the one for me.  Even my mirror image knew that.  That was the one thought that wasn’t a struggle!”

Finn feels her arm, and says, “You aren’t a vampire any more, are you?”  She shakes her head.  “And I was the last one.  There won’t be any more in the land of Ooo.”  As they hold each other, he says, “So what does the non-vampire love of my life want to do?”  She smiles and says, “Look in a mirror…”  Finn leads her to a full sized mirror in one of the rooms and she looks and stares.  This is the first time she has seen her own reflection in centuries!  She feels her body and her face and then puts her hands through her hair.  A tear forms in her eye, and she turns to Finn.  “Let’s go outside.”  He smiles and leads her to the door.  He opens it, and she puts her hand into the sunlight, and really quickly pulls it back!  But it didn’t hurt.  She takes a step into the daylight, and feels the sun on her skin.  She closes her eyes and savors the feeling!  She walks out and tosses her hair back.  The sun feels so good!  She says, “Finn, it looks like we are both mortals now.  We had better make every moment count!”  He walks to her and they embrace. 

About this time the rest of the gang walk out the door.  Marcy walks up to Princess Bubblegum and says, “Friends?”  PB nods and smiles.  “Yep.  And nothing will ever change that.”  They embrace for a few seconds, and then Princess Bubblegum turns to Peppermint Butler.  “So I guess this means goodbye, my faithful servant.”  He shakes his head.  “Nope.  I’m staying.  There is nothing in this world I would rather do than be your butler.  I just wanted to see if you were really over your anger at Queen Marceline and Master Finn.”  PB smiles and cheers!  She picks up Pepbut and gives him a hug!

Finn turns to his friends and says, “Thank you all for your help.  But I am really exhausted and want to go home.”  Marceline nods in agreement.  They wave at their friends, and Finn picks up Marceline and begins bounding towards their house.  She says, “You know Finn, I can travel just as fast as you can this way.”  He smirks and says, yeah but I thought it would be more fun to do it this way!”  She snickers and holds tighter to his neck.  “Yeah I think you are right…”  They travel, and then see the road to the Pillars of the Moon.  They look at each other and they both agree, that would be the place to end a very peculiar evening…



A dejected Huntress Wizard fires a random arrow at a pond, and life will never be the same for Finn and Marceline!
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I loved writing this story, but it will make better sense if you read part 5 first, 'The Cost'
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Unless they totally kill the ship in the show, I am quite sure that there will be Finnceliners - Hey there are still Fubblegummers out there after 'Too Old'!
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yeah that's the spirit... :D i really like to read your fanficts and it would be a shame if the lack-of-Finnceliners was to put a stop to your work...
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